Balancing biblical accuracy, practical discipleship, and candid personal experience, Joanna Sanders gives a comprehensive package full of powerful truth. FireWomen is a must-read for any single woman wanting to honor
God and walk in victory.

—Nancy Kaser, author of
CROWN: 30 Wife-Changing Lessons

Although Fire Women is a book written specifically for women, its powerful underlying message is universal. We have become a culture that values self-gratification above all else. Unfortunately, this self-centeredness severely damages individuals, destroys relationships, and ultimately undermines society overall. Joanna Sanders compellingly shares her story of how God changed not only her desires but her heart and entire life, discovering the principle that surrendering our lives to Jesus gives us a far more fulfilling life than we could ever hope to find through self-seeking strategies. This superb book reminds us that God’s ways and wisdom are always best.

– Dan Brownell, editor, Today’s Christian Living and Today’s Pastor

If you’re looking for a resource that can help you grow in your faith, as well as just an honest look at sexuality and what God has to say about it, I highly recommend this book… it will be a great resource in your own journey, but also a tool to help others as they discover God’s plan for their life.

-Dr. Joey Cook, Pastor and author of DiscipleTrip

Ladies, looking for a raw, humble, transparent, bibical approach to pursuing purity? Get this book. Highly recommend it. Be prepared to be challenged and blessed.

-Pastor Ryan and Jamie Vanderwarker


This book is a must-read. It’s biblically based, informative, and practical. No one can speak to a woman like another woman, and Joanna is not afraid to tackle the hard subjects, bringing insight and wisdom into issues that matter. She speaks from experience and from a life sold out to Jesus Christ. I’m going to make sure that all my granddaughters read this book!

—Rev. Greg Speck, author of Sex: It’s Worth
Waiting For, Living for Jesus beyond the Spiritual High,
Build to Last, and Mustard Seeds on Youth Ministry

I’ve seen firsthand the unnecessary pain and trauma experienced in today’s culture concerning dating relationships during my twenty-four years of working in crisis pregnancy centers across the country. Joanna’s insightful book shares the crucial key of how women can live their lives without apology—and without regret.

—Maggie Downing, executive director of various pregnancy centers across the United States